Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Clothes Haul - Presents

I've finally got back to blogging! I know I'm really late with uploading my Christmas presents but whatever!

I picked the first few items before Christmas and my parents bought me them as presents.

I know everyone has that Ramones top now but I just love it!

My mum picked this Henry Holland top for me, which I didn't know about beforehand and I love it so much; it's so cute! I'm a huge fan of Henry Holland so I was really excited when I opened this!

I also picked out these before Christmas. I wore the navy dress on Christmas day and the leather one on New Year's Eve. Sorry about some of the photos being cut off, it was the only way I could fit them in! The navy dress is long sleeved and the lace on the collar is around the cuffs too.

Finally, they bought me this grey body con skirt from H&M. I already have this in various other colours and they go with everything.

My boyfriend bought me some things too. He got me a navy hoodie and a Bambi tee from H&M, as well as a trapper hat as I've been wanting one for ages!

My best friend Lauren bought me this You Me At Six vest that I've wanted ever since I first saw it, so happy with it!

So that's the clothes I got as presents - I'll upload another haul with what I've bought in the sales!


  1. The ramones top is love at first sight! And tried to get the bambi top on h&m website but had sold out a couple of months ago! Great post:)

  2. Yeah I had my eye on it for ages! Aw that sucks :( thank you! Sorry for such a late response by the way, blogger was acting up!

  3. Love that Bambi top. I have a Bambi Tattoo! x